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Matthew's Story. Parti Pass - Coffi Pass' 1 Year Celebration & Fundraiser.

Matthew is a Coffi Pass employee, a team member that we are very lucky to have. If any of you have had the great fortune to have met Matt, you will know that his passion for the natural world and all living things is his daily tonic that gets him up and out of bed. His catalogue of fascinating facts on the most unknown animals, insects & trees is captivating. Matt is a joy to work with - you are never bored in his company and he dedicated in all that he does. Matt wanted to work as much as he could but wouldn't comprise on his volunteering projects and his cross country cycling plan. He would talk of his dream of disappearing to North America and becoming a wildlife ranger - helping the natural world thrive and survive whilst adding to his extensive catalogue of facts.

At 24, Matt has the world at his feet and many adventures ahead of him - but this is on hold for now.

Sadly in March 2021, Matt suffered a near fatal heart attack - spending several days in a coma - before having life saving surgery to implant a defibrillator. Matt was diagnosed with 'Sudden Death Syndrome'. A rare condition that can go unnoticed for many fit and healthy young people. Matt's journey ahead of him is a tough one. His family are dedicating constant support, helping him battle his depression - the trauma of his life changing illness is still prevalent. Unable to work and unable to resume his normal activities Matt is fighting hard to find the joy in life that he once had.

The world is very privileged to have such a wonderful young person such as Matt - may we support his long road of recovery and rehabilitation so he can jump back on his bike and ride cross country and on to fulfilling his dreams to make a difference on this earth. That is why we are calling on you at our fundraiser to help bring back some joy for Matt, so he can once again envision his dreams.

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